Greaseproof (Scotchban) Counter Bags



Our greaseproof counter bags are ideal for bakery, deli, fast food outlets and fish & chip shops. They are made from scotchban greaseproof paper and are 100% recyclable and bio-degradable.

Available in various sizes as follows with other sizes available upon request. 
6x3" (150x75mm)
6x6" (150x150mm)
7x7" (175x175mm)
7x9" (175x230mm)
8.5x8.5" (215x215mm)
10x10" (250x250mm)
4x6x14" (100x150x355mm)

This style of paper bag is also available in white sulphite, brown kraft, pure kraft, bleached white kraft and some printed stock items. 


We can also supply bespoke printed paper bags, please contact us for a quote or click here for more information.


Please note that sizes are approximate and may vary from batch to batch. Print colours do differ from that shown, please ask what is available if this is important.