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Robins printed polythene carrier bags always attract attention. They are the perfect way to get your brand noticed and are cheaper than paper and fabric.

We produce polythene bags in a variety of colours, finishes, sizes and are manufactured in many different thicknesses. They are available with various types of handles and the range of printing options is almost endless, starting with single colour right up to full colour process work.

The minimum run quantity for polythene carrier bags starts from 1,000 and delivery can be as little as three days after you place your order. This could be useful for emergencies or last minute marketing decisions.

Call us now for a quote or for more information on the range of plastic bags available, please see the following:

Varigauge Polythene Bags


Patch Handle Polythene Bags


Flexiloop Handle


Vest Style Carrier Bags


Printed Plastic Bag Supplier

Vari-gauge polythene carriers with a punched out handle provide a cost effective yet eye catching solution for your packaging needs.

Available in lots of different colours and starting from just 1,000+ bags.

Patch handle carriers provide a cost effective yet eye catching solution for your packaging needs.

Available in lots of different colours and starting from just 3,000+ bags.

Flexiloop handle carrier bags provide a premium solution to your packaging needs. These bags are made from polythene ranging from 45 to 75mu, and when produced in the thickest polythene are suitable to use as a bag for life.

Available in a range of different colours and start from just 3,000+ bags.

High density vest style carriers - the type used by supermarkets and many high street retailers - are made from thin but extremely strong polythene. They offer a low cost option whilst still promoting your business.

Although white is the most popular choice, they can be supplied in various colours and can also be printed in up to six colours, depending on the quantity ordered.

Our vast experience and complete understanding of product strengths and weaknesses guarantees the best material and finish for the carriers that will hold your goods. And our professional design service ensures that your brand name will be noticed.

For more information on paper bags, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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The highest quality polythene bags


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