White Film Front Paper Bags



Our white film front paper bags come in a large range of sizes with great bulk buy savings. Made from 38gsm bleached white kraft paper with 20mu polypropylene film front hence the reason they are also known as clearface bags.

These bags are suitable for food use and are very popular with bakeries, deli shops, photographic studios, greeting cards and even stamp collectors.

Available in various sizes and also available in brown kraft.
Sizes include the following;
4x6" (100x150mm)
5x7" (125x175mm)
7x7" (175x175mm)
7x10" (175x250mm)
8.5x8.5" (215x215mm)
10x10" (250x250mm)
10x12" (250x300mm)
12x12" (300x300mm)
12x18" (300x450mm)
4x6x14" (100x150x355mm)

Please note that sizes are approximate and may vary from batch to batch.


These paper bags can also be printed if required, please contact us for a quote or click here for more information.